Working as Team

Hi There,
We are testing Notch for a project at work, is there a way for several people to collaborate on the same project (like unity teams for instance)?

Currently we don’t have an option for this yet, but it has come up before so its on our radar :slight_smile:

In general, we see people work on seperate layers in different projects, and then merge the projects once they are all done. this can merge resources too, so you don’t have to worry about duplicating textures and so on.

But if you want multiple people on the same Notch Scene, I’m afraid this isn’t possible for now.

– Ryan

Thank for clarifying.
We currently have a version pro, and so does the collaborator, could we port le project to gitLab?

Unless I’m misunderstanding your end goal, the bottom line for this to work is you need the ability for multiple people to edit a shared version of the notch project - I don’t think gitlab will help with that. For now, the best option is to work in separate projects and merge them when your ready.

– Ryan