Multi Notch Blocks in disguise

Hello all, here’s an absolute beginner .
Question on optimizing Notch Block performance for d3 disguise media server use.

Here I built a simple 3D scene with a spotlight’s transform modulated by an exposable null object. Then this object’s transformation will be moved by the trackers detected from disguise (media server) Basically this set up is going to be performed on a stage setting with one wall screen and one floor screen.

right now. I am using stupid method to make the multiple screen setting with TWO Notch Block imported in disguise project. The performance is quite bad … (~10fps)

  1. in the Notch Project, I set up 2 orthographic camera to capture the scene’s frontal view & top view. And compiled 2 Notch Blocks ,just toggling the camera selection (see attached image)

  2. Then I create 2 Layers of Notch Effect in the disguise project. (see attached image 2)

  3. A HTC Vive controller is being the tracking source in disguise for both Notch Blocks’ exposable null object
    Anyone can advice the better approach for performance?

in the advice from disguise media server : Notch | disguise , there is one line that :
Please note: It’s always recommended to combine multiple Notch blocks into one block, as oppose to using lots of small blocks in your project. Notch has functionality to combine blocks in Notch builder.

Does anyone has experience to combine Notch Blocks in Notch Builder?
and any recommended apporach for MultiScreen / Multihead output to disguise?

Thanks a lot.

here an image of my Notch Projects

You can merge two blocks together with the file > merge projects input - but in this case, its going to take a little more leg work.

Rather than rendering the scene from two seperate cameras, I would use the cameras as sources for two screen projection nodes, and arrange their outputs on the viewport. check out this example file.
ScreenProjection.dfx (365.7 KB)

– Ryan

Thanks a lot Ryan.

I turn out using 2 layers with just a different camera setting to solve the problem