Block compatibility

Have noticed difference with the way some block run on media servers and either the notch builder or touch designer.

what makes blocks media server compatible? is there such a way to make sure they will run on a specific platform?

Have you made use of the performance panel?

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To clarify: Notch Builder does not run Blocks at all; it simply is where you compose and export your content, but aside from that; how a Block runs depends on a wide variety of factors within the host environment (the media server; be it a software one like TouchDesigner or a hardware & software one like Disguise), including rendering performance which is tied to the hardware of course. However, there are also other factors, such as under which settings the block is run, at which canvas/resolution and a wide arrange of other factors. The performance panel is a good indicator for exporting blocks, but there’s no substitute for thoroughly testing your exported Notch Block in good time before your show or performance.

PS: another tip is to use the bundled Block player .EXE which ships with Notch Builder, in which you can test the performance and behaviour of your block as exported, without taking the environment of the various media servers into account. If your exported block runs fine there, there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s up to the host environment/media server.