Disguise and Notch Color differences

Hi there,

New user here, If anyone could help explain, I would be eternally greatful

I’m having quite a bit of difficulty getting my notch blocks to look the same on the D3. Most significant difference is color. I have a rainbow effect using the color correction node on a several layers of instanced video. The colors look great on my computer in notch but as soon as I load the block onto the server, it reduces the gradual rainbow spectrum to cyan, yellow and magenta, almost like it’s an extremely narrow bit depth of colors it’s choosing from.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something silly? Am I peaking out the servers resources in some way?

One way to narrow down the problem would be to run the block on FXPlayer, if the content looks normal on FXPlayer then I would say it is something in your disguise project.

You can find FXPlayer in the Notch folder



Thanks Mark, this was a big help. Looks like I had a Glow that was too strong on the Disguise server but looked normal on my PC.

Now that I am digging into this issue, I’m finding a lot of subtle details that are rendered differently between my 3090 and the Quadro 6000 in the Gx2c.

I highly doubt it’s hardware-related. Way more likely to be in the project settings/resolution/driver/version differences. You should let disguise support know (and include screenshots of the effect in FXplayer/Builder compared to when running as a block in disguise), as well as information about versions/resolution etc.