Reaction Diffusion imag fx on Disguise/D3

Has anyone had success with making a reaction diffusion imag effect on a disguise server?

I made a really fun looking imag effect using the reaction diffusion node as the engine that drives a chain of other effects. Testing it on my PC worked great. Unfortunately when I was finally able to load the effect onto the actual Gx2c I found that the effect breaks and strobes uncontrollably. The only remedy I’ve found was taking the resolution of the reaction diffusion down from 1920x1080 to 256x256

Has anyone found a work around? Other then maybe building a dedicated Notch box and doing this externally?

Try testing it in FX Player host to check the effect works properly in an exported block. Is the frame rate and resolution set to match?

if you upload your project file, its alot easier to guess at what the issue at fault might be.

– Ryan

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Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply!

Yes, works on several different personal machines with 30 series Nvidia cards as an exported block or stand alone. But as soon as you load it onto an actual Gx2c it breaks and frame rate drops significantly and strobes.

I understand this probably doesn’t have anything to do with Notch and mostly has to do with D3 hardware, I was just curious if anyone else had experience with this issue.

That’d be correct :slight_smile: Most likely it’s related to the disguise project setup; I’d be surprised if it was hardware related. It can also be blending related.

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If it’s not a hardware issue I guess I’m still stumped as to why dropping the resolution down to 256 fixes it.

As mentioned, most likely because of some software, setup of version issue somewhere.

Did the effect run fine in a higher grid resolution when you load the block in the FXPlayer on the GX2c?

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No I don’t believe so, I’ll double check when I get a few moments.

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