Increase Resolution of Reaction Diffusion in Field Renderer

Hi there,

is there a way to increase the resolution / density of the reaction diffusion emitter?
Im very satisfied with the visual behaviour of my project but when rendering /exporting with my project camera the edges appear blury / sabertoothy. I’ve attached a screenshot of my viewport for reference.


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And here is one of my project file:

Reaction diffusion is tied to the resolution of the field system, so you just need to lower the field resolution to generate a thicker reaction diffusion.



Hey Ryan,
thank you for your Feedback. But lowering the resolution of the field system just makes the sabertoothing bigger.

Ah, I slightly misunderstood your message. The “sabertoothing” you describe is called aliasing, and its just what happens when you have harsh changes in colour at low resolutions. You would want to increase the field resolution to make that less visible, but as I said before - the effect is tied to resolution, so the scale will change along with it.

– Ryan

Okay - that is very helpfull to know. As i don’t need that smooth pattern in a realtime project i’ll cheat around with some edge smoothing and FXAA postprocessing and to the rest in After Effects. Well, i already did it - is was my plan b. The result is pretty fine:

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