Fire,neon and other IMAG blocks wont output beyond 1280. How to re-export when n

Hello Folks, still waiting on an answer from help so figured I’d ask here…

I have two Notch Playback license I use for some basic IMAG effect on a Disguise 2x4pro.

1st- I keep getting errors from disguise saying I need to re-export the Blocks I downloaded from NOTCh IMAG collection.
I only have a PLE builder edition so It looks like I cant re-export them with out the Pro license, in effect making the “Free” Blocks useless, or at least not error free.

2nd - In the liquids and in the neon blocks I notice the fire and some neon the output is limited to what seems to be 1280/720… not sure, just going off of screen size.
Assuming it was something with the block I went to edit it, but it looks like I cant export them without a Pro license, thus leaving me with a fixed output size…

Is there anyway to edit these block and re-export them without a pro license, OR can Notch update the blocks on their page so they can be downloaded and used with the Playback license as is inffered.

Maybe I’m missing an obvious step here,
Any help or direction would be appreciated.

So looks like It was a 1920/1080 limitation on the output on certain FX, such as fire, neonn lines and a few other. I was able to fix it by simply making a custom feed map and stretching image to fit screen. Still Does not help with teh issue of re-exporting blocks. Keep getting an error in disguise stating “lack of support for video purge, please re-export block”

Any Ideas?