Compile Notch Block to Hippotizer V4

Greetings I’m currently practicing on notch/Hippotizer v4 integration. When I compile a notch block and activate it in the hippo, the block just seems to overlay the hippo layer completely whereas when I view the complimentary notch blocks that are supplied they blend nicely with the layer providing the animation I seek over the layer. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!


I am having the same issue. Have you found the correct way of doing this?

Have you set the ‘Composite Blend Mode’ on the root node to ‘Blend with Alpha’?

i tried, still the same. just got a simple pixelate effect in notch.

is there anyone who can share a simple effect wich i can export as a block just to learn how to do it?

You can probably just use one of the many example effects (samples) that ships with Notch to do this. As for exporting blocks, did you check the Hippotizer manual regarding Notch blocks/support?

i have been trying various examples, they all work. but what i want to know is how i can take the input layer from my hippo server and add a effect to it wich i made in Notch. i can make the blocks but they appear as a black or white image in the server layer instead off adding the effect to the content.

How have you set up your Notch scene?

Do you have a video exposed in notch that the media server can overwrite? Is the effect being applied to the video in notch, but it doesn’t appear to be affected in Hippo?

I’ve attached a very basic example - this will pixellate a video that is connected from an external source.
ExposedVideoExample.dfx (232.8 KB)

If nothing else helps, send your project into the support team and we’ll figure out what’s what.

Thanks Ryan,

Sorry did not see your reply until now. figured it out myself, it was the exposing that did the trick!