LTC / SMPTE / Timecode


I am new to Notch.
We are planning on using notch for a live show.
We were wondering if we could sync the Notch layer timeline with timecode?

If not available, what would you consider best practice to handle such sync?
We are planning on using Resolume for playback.

We also have Touchdesigner available.

Thanks in advance.
This is a noob question, but I could not find info on that topic.

  • No It’s not possible
    ** This is not the intended workflow

Are both perfectly sufficient answers…

Touch Designer would be best option if you already have a copy. Be aware of the limitations of Notch playback depending the Touch Designer license type.

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t know if this is the right workflow.
I came up with a solution to switch the layers inside a notch block based on an OSC command triggered by timecode.

In your experience is it better to switch different effects by switching layers inside the block, or to switch different blocks? Or is this dependent on the media server that is being used?

I have found switching layers in the block within Touchdesigner to be best. Avoid running stuff directly in the editor wherever possible.