Notch Playback possibilities

Hello everyone,

iam used to program big shows in a cue based system like coolux PB provides with its timeline stop;jump marker and i use resolume and vvvv for quick liveshowcase purposes especially projection mapping stuff. So i heard about notch regarding its great node-based redundant scalable system. I use the trail version and spend some time with the academy tuts. So now iam wondering if the Notch Playback version will give me the possibility to create complicated, cue based shows with premade, keyframe including blocks which can be accessed in realtime from multiple notch builders in the network. How does the GUI of the playback version look like ?


Hello Roman,

Notch Playback is a USB dongle based license that enables you to playback Notch patches made in Builder with no size restriction via executables - .exe or mediaservers. It does not contain a GUI. All your design work has to be done in Builder, and that is exactly what you tested when you downloaded a trail. So you build your designs there and you have multiple choices on how you want to use it/export it, you can compile an executable - .exe or a patch for mediaserver, patch for VR or just video. Notch Builder allows sending signal to various other programs that supports Spout or NDI up to 1920 x 1080 size, say Resolume as an example. If you wish to exceed this size, you should export your designs as executable or mediaserver patch and use Notch playback license on the machine you will be running the show for unlimited resolution, scale. Notch Builder has time jump and loop enabling nodes, but generally most common practice would be to use Mediaserver for building your shows timeline. Running multiple Builders via Network - in short, you probably wouldn’t need to access multiple Builders in the network, you would just export multiple designs or one bigger patch with multiple layers in it as a madiaserver ready patch and put them on the mediaservers timeline, if mediaserver is not prefered or not available you can export a patch with multiple layers/designs as executable.

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