Fullscreen render (F9) for exhibition

Hi, everyone!

I am planning to run my project in the uni exhibition, and it’s the first time to show with Notch. I have Notch Base plan, and is it okay to run with Notch build programme? For example, after connecting sensors, just press F9 to make the screen full, and is it safe for exhibition?
Or do I have to buy new Notch playback lisence?

Thank you for your help guys!!


Hey Jongwon,

If you’re running Notch Base, there’s two ways to run your show:

Export it as a Notch Block. This is a file you can export in Notch Builder that your media server will able to run.
Notch won’t be running it’s UI in an exported block, which will boost performance.

As a side note, we have an .exe called “FXPlayerHostD3D11_x64” that is in C:\Program Files\Notch. Export your block and test it within there for the most optimised result. We recommend importing your blocks inside a media server for your full show, and just using FXPlayerHost to test your blocks.

Our second way of exporting a scene out is via Standalone, which is a similar process that doesn’t require a media server. I believe this is what you’re asking for.

We don’t recommend pressing F9 for Fullscreen to run a show, as you’ll still be running Notch Builder’s UI as well as your scene, which will impact performance.

If you wish to still edit parameters of your scene while running a show, I recommend you look into exposing parameters, which you can then control in either your media server or our WebGui.

For licensing, make sure your tutor gets in touch with us via Notch Support with a university email, and we’ll be able to sort out learning licenses for you.

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