License recommendation for my unique situation

I’ve been reading about the different packages and leases, and am having a hard time understanding what I would need for my situation. I’d like to ask for recommendations for my specific needs.

I’m just learning Notch now, and have the free builder trial. My eventual plan is to create real time visuals for really small time music productions. I would like to project the output directly from my laptop with no media server. First of all, it even possible to do that? Everything I’ve read so far makes it sounds like you either export the video or use a media server–I see nothing about projecting Notch output directly from a computer.

My second question is, are Notch Builder and Playback both for content creation, or is it that you create content in builder and play it back in Playback? I want to incorporate Vive trackers for an interactive element–Would a Builder Learner license have all the same features (like tracking) as Base or Pro?

I want to learn exclusively with the free trial, but I’m told the trial also doesn’t allow for projector output. If I upgrade to the Learning License, is projector output enabled?

When it comes time for a production, (assuming Learning doesn’t include projector output), I would get a 1 week lease so I have access for the show. Playback sounds like it’s mainly for people who need media server support, which I don’t. So would that mean I can stick with Builder for my purposes, and which license would suit me? I’m also kind of looking for the cheapest option for my situation.

I appreciate any input.

You can run Notch in full screen. However – Notch Builder is not a performance tool. You’ll lose performance and control, so yes; the recommended (and supported) way is to export to a standalone EXE or run it as a Notch Block in a media server (even a software-only media server like TouchDesigner).

Playback is an optional extra license for stand-alone or playback in a media server without watermarks. You do not need it to create your content.

While the current free trial is a good way to check out the software, it’s not really for learning (there’s no saving and there are other limitations). To learn Notch, you would really want to use the Learning license (which is currently available at a discount and for free if you already have a compatible CodeMeter dongle).

Playback is also for stand-alone playback (outside of a media server) if you do not have a license which as a built-in Playback option (like Builder Pro).

To create content and play it back in full screen, you’ll need a Builder Base subscription. However, you should start with the perpetual Learning license which can be upgraded when you get to the point that you are ready to have a show.

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This is wonderfully helpful, @bent.stamnes Thank you so much for your recommendations! This really clears up the confusion I had about the different packages. Now mulling over all this, and will likely subscribe to a Learning license for now. I will deal with a watermark until I’m proficient enough to produce shows and upgrade again after that. Thank you!