Looking for some clarification on pricing. To playback Notch either standalone or via a media server it can cost as much as 2500 but to be able to edit blocks you have to pay an additional 2100 for builder pro? I thought I saw something where you can downgrade/upgrade as necessary.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Matt,

There are two parts to pricing:

You can either take a subscription with monthly payments or pay annually. The monthly subscription comes in two flavours Base (£99 per month) and Pro (£189 per month), which you can upgrade and downgrade between. You need Pro to export to a media server.

You can find a full comparison of the different purchase options and features here:

The Builder Pro dongle can act as a Playback license for Blocks or Standalone up to 1920x1080 when present in the media server / PC.

If you need to go to a higher resolution or need a separate dongle, then you can either rent a Playback dongle from a rental partner or purchase one for £2,500 per annum.

Rental Partners are listed here:
And purchase pricing information here:

Thanks. Luke