A cheaper license between PLE and Professional?

Hi Notch Team,

I I’d like to ask you about Professional license price. I get it that paying $2500 yearly for an important tool in big events & media servers environment isn’t a significant cost. But don’t you think that you are missing part of the market that operates in a smaller scale? I think there’s plenty of VJ that could work with Notch in smaller gigs / installations, not needing most of Professional plan stuff.

Here’s what I mean in terms of Professional features:

  • Full access to all nodes & rendering features
  • View, author & edit
  • Save Projects
  • Export to video (and Syphon)
  • Export to media servers
  • Export to standalone EXE
  • VR headset support
  • Remote network editing
  • Floating license via USB Dongle
  • Premium Support

Can a license like this be expected to be introduced in the future for like $500-$1000 a year? Or you don’t plan to look for smaller consumers?


Hi biegun.m,

Luke here from Notch. Like most companies, we can’t comment on future product plans. But what I can say - is that we do thoroughly listen to all the various use cases and feedback that we get regarding product configuration. So, we’re listening.

I know that’s not the level detail you are looking for… but that’s about as much as we are able to share about future plans.

Tx. Luke

Sure, I understand you that can’t give any commitment on this, Luke.

I’ve shown Notch to a few VJ friends in Poland lately. People are impressed by it’s rendering features (ordered PLE dongles :)), but it’s beyond budged capabilities for simpler VJ club/installation workflows. Hopefully our voices will be heard. :slight_smile: