[Feature Request] - Render Only License

Hey Captains,

Is there any chance of a cheaper license that works with base, or even an addition to the Pro Builder license, where all it does is render the notch layers that are saved in a render queue on a separate dongle.
My builder dongle is locked up for about 12 hours a day just rendering, which doesn’t leave a heap of time to build new content.
Would be fantastic to be able to have a render node sort of license that can run on a second machine that just renders the scenes built out in notch builder, but I can at the same time still use builder to build new content.
Even if it was just a command line interface that you load a project and it automatically starts rendering the Render Queue of a project without a full builder GUI.
As the industry is currently still pretty much shut down and gigs are few and far between I can’t afford a second full builder license just to use as a render node when the content I’m pushing out is going to non paying shows, and don’t need to use 2 instances of builder at once, just need to offload the rendering to a second machine.



This is an excellent idea!

I find myself in the same situation and sometimes I will try and work on a swrpste instance of notch runing but it either slwos downt he render or is just too unresponsive to use (makes sense).

Would also love to have the batch renderer available for base users.

Thanks for the suggestion. You’re touching on a wider topic, and one that we are investigating a few different possible approaches to. Nothing immediate, but it is an internal topic for sure.

The Render Queue is available to both Base or Pro, or were you thinking about something else?

+1 for that request ! I am in that situation right now, waiting for renders with path tracing (my graphic card is not a RTX but I will upgrade) and I can’t do anything with Notch but wait. It could be great !

Are you sure?


So you edited it in time lol…
This was from last night

Since when is it available in base as well?
Cause it wasn’t recently…

Awesome that it is! But I missed the crossover…would have been super useful in recent projects :p.

I am sure, yes. :slight_smile:


Render Queue has always been available in Base since it shipped in 0.9.22. You appear to be looking at the draft manual for 0.9.21 which you should really never do. :slight_smile: See http://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/user-interface-render-queue as you linked to yourself above.

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+1 to a render license.

Thus far I much prefer creating content in Notch to C4D/X-Particles/Octane. You guys are absolutely rocking it @notch.one, considering how young the application is and all.

That all said, nearly all other renders (Octane/Redshift/Vray/etc.) are years ahead of Notch in terms of render scalability. I have 10x GPUs on hand here, and there is no way to distribute Notch to any more than one at a time, and at a premium 10x that of Octane, for example (100 pounds/mo for Base vs. 10 euro/mo for Octane Enterprise Render Node).

If raytracing is a high priority at 10-bit for the foreseeable future (seems like it is), a network rendering/rendering license solution would be highly lucrative/competitive. I’d much rather cancel my Octane sub and pay for Notch ‘rndr’ to be honest. Cheers.

While I can’t talk about how or when, we have several ideas for approaching the rendering market and support for multiple GPUs. It’s been an on-going research task for a while, and rest assured: it is definitely an area of interest.