0.9.18 Release

We’re very pleased to announce release 0.9.18 which brings a whole range of new features & improvements: UI improvements, better video export & a render queue, audio devices, NDI, new geometry generators, depth of field, web API/interface and logic nodes. A full run down of the new and improved features is below as well as a sampler video.

Please download at: https://www.notch.one/support/downloads_area/

[ol]Render Queue : allows you to queue renders and save export formats as part of the project. (Pro Only) https://goo.gl/Vnu1fi
Performance Panel : peformance prediction on target machine https://goo.gl/yKHbCv
Audio : devices selector allows choice of audio devices for playback and record, in both Builder and compiled projects https://goo.gl/93lfSf
Audio : ASIO support bringing low latency and multi-channel capture https://goo.gl/93lfSf
NDI : full receive and send support https://goo.gl/nC6lF2
Web GUI : control exposed parameters from a responsive and touch compatible web GUI. https://goo.gl/hPquAg
Web API : control exposed parameters via HTTP GET requets https://goo.gl/1y9eIJ
Area lights support textures
Help button in the Property Editor links you directly to the manual page for that node
New codecs in Quicktime GPU : Animation, PNG, JPEG
C4D supports point level animation
New Javascript HTTP methods
Standalone : keyboard controls for changing layers https://goo.gl/uwG99r
Artnet : switch to disable incoming artnet on properties
Notchmarks graphs : allow comparison of your GPU to all available GPUs https://www.notch.one/notchmarks
Builder Pro now acts as a Playback license up to 1920x1080
New range of sample projects
VR : HTC Vive Tracker support
VR : Oculus Store SDK added[/ol]

[ol]Shader Cache : allows for smoother playback in Builder.
Video exports : vastly faster renders to image sequences and Quicktime GPU codecs
Video exports : exports can be stopped mid render and have better progress information
Depth of Field node : rendering and controls overhauled entirely https://goo.gl/ma2GmZ
Camera nodes view can be set from the Orbit Cameras current view
New UI button layout
FBX importer upgraded to 2017.1
Colour properties : now show up on inputs list and can be keyframed
VR : removed VR panel and moved controls to the toolbar
VR : guides and grid’s work in VR
Standalone : removed dependencies on Bass.dll file
Math Modifier : added triangle and saw patterns https://goo.gl/CcelWM
Timeline : lasso selections
Voxel cone : image based lighting support
Overhauled volumetrics and fixes
Input Select Node can now be used for Materials and Mappings
Exposed properties control : switch to show only selected layer’s exposed properties
Logs now have timestamps
Added new Viewport Shading options https://goo.gl/9slpO1
Guide settings are now saved to the project, not to global settings
Buttons to switch drag handles between Parent/Local Node Axis and World Axis
Project thumbnails[/ol]

New Nodes
[ol]Particle Geometry Connections https://goo.gl/MALycI
Trigger Envelope Modifier https://goo.gl/j0Qdos
Custom Post Effect Shader node https://goo.gl/o2zvv9
Time Counter as Text https://goo.gl/dXKpWz
Turbulence Clone Effector https://goo.gl/9EIabf
Output GBuffer https://goo.gl/vkz22G
Extruded Spline Geometry Node https://goo.gl/Q8OwQ5
Node Trail https://goo.gl/KVapDr
Generate Fertilizer Times https://goo.gl/kexI4T
Select Child Nodes https://goo.gl/jl6sLZ
Execute Child Nodes https://goo.gl/USXujS
Jump to Time https://goo.gl/ZubLth
Loop Time https://goo.gl/AFbmll
State Machine Node https://goo.gl/Dg0vBX
State Machine State https://goo.gl/U5NGn6
State Machine Event https://goo.gl/1xTbvN
Clone to Procedurals
Fisheye Camera[/ol]