0.9.17 Release Notes

0.9.17 Release:

Property editor : filter box to filter properties by name
Gradient curves - draw a curve to control e.g. particle size over time response
Bezier key interpolation : edit the handles
Timeline: lock all placements of keys/nodes to frame steps.
Autokey - added non-autokey mode, which doesn’t drop a key automatically - allowing for latched keyframes.
“K” icon by property adds or deletes key at current time
Imported 3D Scene generated nodes behave more like regular nodes - can be moved, selected, hidden
New project settings dialog
Autosave and recovery support
Benchmarking (NotchBench)

OpenVR / HTC Vive support
360 video live preview in VR headset
Numerous nodes fixed for VR, including line renderer, scattering
VR controller support: Vive and Oculus
VR Monitor panel: For quick control of the VR headset while in Builder
VR UI: use the Notch UI (nodegraph/properties) in VR headset view

Cloning of Cloners
New Deformers: Chunk Effector deformer, Colour Map deformer, Colour Ramp deformer, Plain deformer
New Condition modifier node
New Temporal Antialiasing node
New Frame Delay Frame node: Selects a frame out of the Frame Delay node - allowing many frames to be selected from one buffer.
Frame Delay: Greyscale and DXT compression modes
NDI In Support
Particle collision affector heavily reworked to allow dynamic meshes, Kinect/Text/Shape3D nodes, support for collision events
HTTP functions in Javascript: HTTP Get/Put/GetFile/PutFile
New shadow mapping algorithm greatly reducing shadow zfighting artefacts
Light Beam Scattering node - for scattering without using a light
MIP generation from video nodes
Deformers: “chunk” mode - work on mesh chunks
Deformers: falloffs on all deformers
New multisample AA resolution for deferred lighting giving better performance
Value As String text node
Fixes for loading some .CUBE LUT files that caused errors

Exported App
Network editing: support for transport control of standalone exe from Builder Pro
Network editing: remote performance profiling

Cool. Great to see the new updates.