0.9.19 Key Improvements and Changes

Hello everyone,

Following from our 0.9.19 release announcement I wanted to tell you about the major things that have been changed or improved in this release.

  • Removed watermark on Spout and NDI in/out when using Builder Pro. We will always advise you to run shows via Standalone or exported to a Block… but if you really want to run from Builder and Spout or NDI out (with the likelihood of lower performance as the GUI has to be in play as well) - we’re not going to stop you anymore. :slight_smile:
  • OSC Modifier : Can now take multiple parameter values.
  • Image sequence transcoding performance has been improved, particularly in terms of memory usage.
  • Brought lighting model of forward renderer more closely in line with deferred renderer : so you can switch easily between the two. If you dont need shadows or any advanced shading and just need regular lights and materials, consider turning off Deferred.
  • Key Colour Mask : Fix Edges option has been added to refine the soft edges on greenscreen footage.
  • Shadows from semi-transparent things like particle point renders, line connections and trails can now be cast onto solid objects.
  • Multiple MIDI devices working (on Windows 10). The MIDI modifier allows you to choose which device is being used per modifier.
  • Ctrl+E Keyboard Shortcut : jumps you to the node list’s filter box. You can then move up and down through the list with arrows and hit Enter to create a node. Great for… people without mice?
  • We have been optimising a lot. Multiple lights are batched together so deferred performance is up quite a bit.
  • Temporal AA now uses motion vectors, giving a much better result.
  • Procedurals have been reworked so they feel a bit more like fields and particles etc: they now have a Procedural Root Node and the various renderers can be attached to it, so you can make one procedural system and hook it to multiple things.
  • You can now link from one node to all selected nodes at once in one drag.
  • All kinds of geometry can be hooked into mesh emitters etc. Emit particles from clones combined into one mesh via Combine Geometry. Or how about from extruded splines?
  • We’ve improved the spline import from Cinema so more interpolation types work.
  • Blob tracking works now! There is a sample in the Samples pack. Be aware that as with most blob trackers you need to take a lot of care over the processing of the input feed: any pixels that aren’t black are considered “blobs”. Threshold and process your images carefully.
  • You can edit the order of exposed parameters in the Exposed tab, and these will be preserved by the media server host.

These features will no doubt be familiar to some of you: they were developed because you requested them. Your feedback is always welcome, and we’re always listening!