0.9.20 Release (Maintenance)

The new 0.9.20 release is now available. This is a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes and improvements, with the next major release due later (after Easter).

Download here: https://www.notch.one/support/downloads_area/

However, because we just love providing you new features there are a few…

  • Notch.exe is now a stub app that provides you licensing info / expiry dates on startup, then launches Builder.
  • Video rendering is now performed in a separate exe. this allows a) much better multicore support across all video rendering; and b) memory limitations to be lifted on video rendering. Faster rendering and larger canvases than ever are now possible.
  • Layer precomps: use an instance of a layer as a (video) node in another layer.
  • Post effects all have blend modes and channel switches.
  • DMX offset editor for exposed parameters. It’s the “Exposed” tab next to the other “Exposed” tab - and it’s not supported in any media servers… yet.
  • Kinect1 and Kinect2 skeleton support using the Kinect1 Skeleton and Kinect2 Skeleton Nodes. Enable Skeletons in Kinect1/Kinect2 video settings.
  • Support for the new Realsense cameras (D435 etc).
  • Support for Motive data streaming in - rigid bodies and markers.
  • FBX upgraded to 2018.
  • Artnet universes support for up to 32.
  • Materials/objects - multiple UV set support.
  • Scene nodes : material inputs on scene root node; shared across all objects in scene.
  • Procedurals can now be used to define falloffs on clone and particle affectors.
  • Picking : toggle on and off in toolbar, click to select 3d object under cursor.
  • ERTY keys to select manipulators.
  • SVG loading support
  • NDI - ability to rename NDI sender.
  • Faster and more memory-efficient TGA loading; TGA image sequence loading works
  • Copy nodes to/from clipboard as text, using “Copy To Clipboard” option under edit menu.
  • Timeline : ability to mark a time range; trim, cut and insert time from bars; stretch keyframes using ctrl while dragging time bars.
  • VRAM budgets : some user control over total VRAM usage in media servers.
  • Area lights from polygons and point lights from vertices - changed to support more types of input geometry.
  • Combine Geometry supports tangents.

Plus a whole load of bug fixes, small improvements and optimisations.

A new build has been released with a few minor fixes, including workarounds for the recent Intel driver upgrade of the new Realsense cameras and the problems it caused.
Download here: https://www.notch.one/support/downloads_area/

Hi, Matt.
Thanks for the info, but somehow the download link points to rc1. Is this a mistake?

Thank you,

By the way, Notch Trial download link has the same issue - 0.9.20rc1 available only.
Please, fix both links.

Thank you,

Hi Andrei,

It definitely links to rc2. Maybe your browser/proxy has cached something?


Hi, Matt.
Indeed. I cleared my browser’s cache and all is fine now.
Many thanks for the tip.