Notch 0.9.22 Available Now!

Today we are very happy to announce our new software update (download and see the full changelog here), which has been the result of 8 months of work, including inputs from our fantastic user community and beta testers. You can find the full changelog on our website (be warned: it’s huge), and our manual has also been updated.

We have also written two additional blog posts today: one on ray tracing in Notch, and one on the NotchLC video codec.


Hey all,

We just pushed out a patch release of 0.9.22 which might be of interest:

0.9.22 rc61- 3rd September 2019


  • Upgraded to NewTek NDI SDK v3.8.
  • Upgraded to Spout v2.006.
  • Updated the Motion Datamosh node by changing the hold time targets to 32 bit, so they have a longer possible duration.
  • Updated VR export to copy all the required DLLs and not just the OpenVR DLL.

Bug fixes

  • Updated the NDI Output node to always send RGBA8 data as NDI does not support 16 bit.
  • Fixed the Preview In Viewport options in the Video NDI Source node so that they are mutually exclusive.
  • Fixed a bug with the Refresh Sources button in the VideoIn/Camera/Kinect Settings dialog.
  • Worked around an issue on the AMD WX9100 where shadows would not appear in some scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where VR applications would always choose to use the Oculus headset.