Notch 0.9.23 is out!

The new version of Notch is out today, and it includes path tracing, AI denoising and upscaling, improved video playback, a whole ton of features, and 200+ updates and fixes as well. There’s a lot to dig into, so I recommend everyone check the full changelog:

There are a few important things to be aware of with this release:

  1. We’re no longer shipping 32-bit executables or allow exporting to 32-bit standalone executables or blocks. This is important for people who work with media servers.
  2. We have changed the internal time base for Notch projects to a higher granularity. This allows keys and time bars at all common frame rates (12, 15, 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 etc) to be represented accurately. (Previously only 25 and 50 fps were able to be stored accurately.) This is fully backwards-compatible: projects or bins saved in previous versions of Notch will load and convert to the new timebase without issue. But it is NOT forwards-compatible: projects saved from 0.9.23 will not load properly in older versions of Notch.

We’ve also put out a series of tutorials on using the new path tracer, so check our Tutorials playlist on YouTube:

Three blog posts are also out today:

Path tracing Explained:
Denoising Explained:
AI Upscaling: