RTX Support in Notch builder

Hi! Where I can find any official info from developers of Notch about support RTX tecnology in Notch builder, or maybe some workflow examples or sample scene?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Aleksey,
if you download our latest version of notch here:

You will notice we now have more samples in our menu.

have a look at them, they will help you with the new Ray Tracing features such as Pathtracer.

here is also a blog post about the new release here:

One important note, Notch doesn’t currently us RTX for Ray Tracing. Our implementation is hardware agnostic and you do not need and RTX card to run it (although a fast card is recommended).



Wow! Thank you Harrison!

Any news about RTX implementation ?

There are a range of RTX features included in the latest patch releases, including AI Background Removal, AI Body Tracker, AI Optix Denoiser, AI Face Tracker

I mean native NVIDIA RTX cores. Because for now it works very slow with 4k-8k resolution compare with unreal engine etc

It’s on our road map, but there are some other important things that take priority right now. Hopefully once we can show off what we’ve been up to, you’ll see what I mean.

Great news Ryan! Thanks!