Optimal graphics cards

I’m just starting off with notch, and I love the real-time ray tracing capabilities that this software has, its very impressive. Generally I’d like to know what the most optimal graphics card you would recommend for Notch. we use a variety of Nvidia cards (1080 ti, Titan, Quadro P5000, P7000 etc). I personally haven’t tried the Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti, but I was wondering how the performance with this card would work particularly with the Real-time ray tracing features.

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Take a look at https://www.notch.one/notchmarks for a list of relative performance of various GPUs.

The choice between a workstation card (RTX 6000) vs a consumer card (2080 Ti) is really down to the output features you need.

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@lukem thanks for the link!