Nvidia GPUs // what's important?

Looking at the coming A-4/5000 GPUs from Nvidia, will there be any benefit to use these as opposed to the more gaming focused equivalents? While the A6000 seems to outrun the 3090, it is outside my price bracket. The A5000 however is estimated to be placed somewhere around the 3090. Is the bump in FP64 performance compared to the 3090 significant enough to make up for the fewer cores (of all kinds) of the GPU? Or will the performance still be in favour of the 3090?

In short(ish): Are the pixel/texture rate and cores more important than the FP64 performance for Notch?

Personally - if you’re talking just rendering performance - I’d get the 3090 over the A5000 unless I had a very specific need for some of the extended A5000 features. VRAM, bandwidth, amount of cores + clock speed = good. FP64 performance doesn’t matter.

On a general level of course, the newer generation architecture tends to be the overriding factor where the latest series usually provides some uplift on the previous generation, even with the clock speed being the same or similar.

TL;DR: no major difference. Comes down to availability and your wallet.


why does amd outperform nvidia so much in terms of notch benchmark?

This generation of AMD graphics cards had a large architectural bump, and with that came a big jump in compute and memory bandwidth (both of which, are very important for Notch performance). With that said, NVIDIA has been investing in AI and RTX stuff, so there are some features in Notch (Body tracking, Face Tracking, Background Removal) which are only available to RTX cards - so there are reasons to pick either side. At least, if you can find somewhere to buy them :slight_smile:

– Ryan

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