Notchmarks updated with NVIDIA 3090 score

Hi all! We’ve received quite a lot of questions about the new NVIDIA 3080 and 3090 and the performance in Notch, and I thought I’d just let it be known that we’ve now collected enough data to have an official score for the 3090: 52552 Notchmarks. :fire:

We’ve also made a few changes to the Notchmarks page so it works better on mobile, and cleaned it up a bit. We are still interested in getting an official score for the 3080 as well, so if you have one of those cards, go ahead and go to “Benchmarking” in Notch Builder, run it, and submit the score, thanks!

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Hi Bent

Any hunch about the upcoming Radeon 6900 performance?
Or is Notch+Nvidia an inseparable duo? (for the moment it seems so)


Nothing on the new AMD card; we can only look at Notchmarks tests done in the field, and so far there has been zero on that card (understandably, since it’s not available yet).

Notch is GPU vendor agnostic with the exception of specific features that rely on vendor SDKs, such as the NVIDIA OptiX denoiser and the new NVIDIA AR Broadcast SDK.

As for AMD cards, I’m sure this new one will be their best one yet, though history tells us AMD has had driver and performance trouble with every generation. If you’re looking for great Notch performance today, get an NVIDIA card. :slight_smile:

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Actually using the 5700XT since launch, I can confirm some driver issues during the first 3-4 months. After that, I can’t say I’ve noticed it. Performance has otherwise been good. Notchmarks on my home-computer (which then is unconfirmed) gives a score of around 30 000+/-.

For upcoming cards, wait for reviews - and maybe a price drop/super cards! If AMD follows through and drivers are good at launch, this will probably lead to better pricing and products overall.

30.000 - that’s a really good score for the 5700XT - my aging 1080ti tick in at around 25.000

Yes, I was surprised at that as well, especially since the 2080 Super clocks in at about 28 000. I’m not sure how the score is evaluated though, and if other parts of the system makes for a better score. It’s not very good for pathtracing in realtime, and there isn’t a HW denoiser - but it should be interesting to see how the upcoming cards will handle Notch.

We’ve now seen 3090 cards do 57k Notchmarks in the wild. That’s… wild. :slight_smile:

so - has anybody run the notch bench on a 3080 laptop?
I have seen laptops with mediocre game performance but with really great compute performance in i.e. vray (besting 2080ti)

researching a bit more it seems the mobile 3080 (version around 130w) is on par with a desktop 3060ti. Not sure how that stacks up in the Notch-marks but it surely must be below 2080ti?
Although I have seen bechmarks where a mobile 3080 outperformed the RTX Titan in vray…
Still waiting for my 3090 to arrive. Although it seems to be quite a wait…

For non-Notchmark tested GPUs, a good rule-of-thumb is to check stuff like UserBenchmark. And yes; I’d be definitely be surprised if the 3060 Ti outperforms the 2080 Ti.

I just got a 3080 MSI GE66. I’d be happy to run a benchmark if someone can link me or describe steps.

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Menu → Help → Benchmarks → Run Benchmark → Submit & Compare Result

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Done! Just below a desktop 3070 and just above a desktop 2080 Super. About as expected!

HOLY F*** the 6900XT almost hits a 69000 score -
Is that a general performance indicator or in some specific areas?

Notchmarks stress test a range of fundamental Notch rendering techniques that push compute & bandwidth on a GPU - so it’s pretty generalised.

However, Notchmarks obviously don’t show the availability of certain vendor-specific features such as NVIDIA AI Background Removal, NVIDIA AI Body Tracker, NVIDIA Optix Denoiser.

nVidia RTX A5000 in a Lenovo P620 Threadripper Pro Workstation

what to expect for the 4090 - 100.000+ for sure?

I used a 6900xt for a couple of projects and although I was getting about 70.000 in the bench it just didn’t feel smoother or faster than the 3090 with 4k+ resolutions.The vram easily got saturated whereas the 3090 still has margin. it might be it.

Unofficially, it’s around 90k.

Update: the official score is now in: 99,332 Notchmarks for the NVIDIA 4090.