Notch Samples crash + Graphic Card advice

Hi everyone,
When I try to open samples to start learning new things, some of them make NOTCH crash. Cherry Dew, Lemon Ice are just a few.

I tried the Benchmarking feature, which detect my Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics installed in my Intel NUC. I’m getting a NotchMark score of: 9225.

It doesn’t seems too bad but why I’m getting those crashes?

Also, I tried to install Notch in a MacBook with Bootcamp to work on projects when I’m travelling. It has a Radeon Pro 560 but it crash even when I open “Benchmarking” feature!

Hope someone can address me.
Thank you!

UPDATE: If I create a blank project and I add a “Text node” the app crash. I already installed NOTCH again and updated Graphic Card Drivers… Can’t understand. Thank you!

Hi Luca,

I’m afraid that there are a number of issues with the AMD drivers that are causing Notch to crash.

You will not be able to run any ray tracing projects on AMD, nor use any Text rendering nodes.

AMD have fixed these issues in their next driver release which is due before the end of the year. Please look out for it.

There was an issue with deferred rendering on AMD cards but we worked around that in, so please ensure you’re running that version of Notch.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly this is out of our hands.


I will add that 9000 Notchmarks is not a very good score overall, and certainly way too low to use ray tracing in any meaningful way. An Intel NUC is also not powerful enough to have a good experience, I’m afraid. So while the AMD issues are relevant, you should really be using a more powerful computer (both GPU and CPU wise).

Thank you @thomasfields, that makes sense. I was thinking I had something wrong in the Driver update.

Thank you also to @bent.stamnes. I know that is not a very good score but at the moment I’m travelling and I want to experiment something. For what I need to achieve I think is enough.

In my office I have a Workstation with more than 20’000 Notchmarks, but it’s not easy to carry with me on flights! :sweat_smile:

Sure, I just want to set some expectation levels here: you should simply not expect to be able to have a reasonable ray tracing workflow with that smaller computer of yours :slight_smile:

From my experiences ray tracing under 30,000 is next to not doable. I run 35,000 and have trouble with heavy scenes.

That strongly depends on the scene, and which ray tracing features you end up using. For example, you can use it for ray traced reflections or shadows only, and get real-time frame rates.