Notch from Russia

Hello! Sorry for my English. I am from Russia.

Can someone tell me about hardware requirements

On this site only about GPU

but what about RAM and CPU?

I’m not sure if using a Intel celeron CPU would be the best solution with RTX 3080, but there are no tests to understand which is better than 12900K or Ryzen 5950X exactly for notch. Maybe NOTCH do not understand multicores and i5-10600 enough.

16 GB or 32 maybe 64 or 128?

or be better buy Macbook 16 M1?

In benchmark page hippotizer tierra+ the same like RTX Quadro 6000 but on the page hippotizer tierra+ use only CPU AMD EPYC no one informationa about GPU

In terms of Notch performance, GPU performance matters significantly more than RAM and CPU for Notch. its not about using multicores or not, the differences between them are just very minimal when the vast majority of the processing Notch does is on the GPU. 16gbs of fast ram is good enough for pretty much anything, and as long as your CPU is from the last 5 years you won’t notice any performance difference between it and a newer one as far as notch performance goes.

I wouldnt personally get an M1 mac for notch, even the m1 max is pretty low on the modern GPU chain for real-time graphics, and Notch is windows only so it would need to be run in an emulated windows environment, which can cut at least 20% performance on top of that.

Lastly, why hippotizer doesn’t mention their GPU I’m not sure - it seems that in the media server world the specific GPU being used isn’t as important to thier customers, but for Notch content, the GPU is the most important component so we list that data.

– Ryan

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[Ryan Barth] - Thank You for your answer!