Business laptop with eGPU

Just received Notch key for learning, my problem is my work PC (Ryzen 6c, 64GB RAM, NVMe SSD, GTX 1070) is in the office and normally I’m working remotely, something not really good to test Notch using a projector.

Another option will be using the same GPU but connected trough TB3 eGPU to my business laptop, a Lenovo X380 Yoga with i5-8350U 4c, Win11, 8GB RAM. This way can test with the projector at home without problems.

Wanted to ask if the second setup will be too limiting to test things like motion capture and character interactive animations.

As far as I understand, the only spec that really matters is your GPU.

Notch runs everything off the GPU. I can’t speak for the impact of using an eGPU housing, if there’s a bottleneck there or not.

I would recommended a higher-spec than a GTX 1070 but it’ll work, just depends on how much you want to do with it.

Just a correction: while all the rendering is done on the GPU, many things (at least in 0.9.23 as of current) are still done on the CPU; things like logic parsing, external inputs, long node graphs with lots of text parsing etc. But yes; the GPU is by far the most important component to a fast Notch computer.

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