0.9.19 Release

Notch Update 0.9.19 - Download now! https://www.notch.one/support/downloads_area/

We’re happy to announce the 0.9.19 release of Notch.

This time we’ve got a load of new features for you that we hope will interest and amuse, such as new post processing effects and geometric particle trails; some tools that we hope will make a great addition to your workflow, like blob tracking and light baking; and some new integrations like motion capture with Perception Neuron, that could bring a whole new dimension to performance capture.

But most of all we’ve been working hard on the core engine of Notch.

We’ve added motion vector generation for all 3D geometry, allowing motion blur and high quality temporal antialiasing to be possible - bringing a leap forward in render quality towards what you’d expect from much slower offline renderers. We’ve been optimising the rendering engine and improving the lighting toolkit. And we’ve taken a step forward with the geometry processing capabilities of Notch, with new nodes such as Combine Geometry, the ability to render wireframe lines for all 3D geometry, and an overhaul of the way geometry is stored and processed, fixing some long-term issues with UV maps and normals with smoothing groups.
We think all these things add up to making life with Notch feel better than ever!

To see some of the new features in this release come alive take a look at this piece called Sokia from Jani Isoranta - co-founder of Notch - and Miika Huttunen:

Made in just 4 days and built entirely in Notch 0.9.19 they never had to wait for anything to render - they problem solved, experimented and improvised on the fly. The whole piece was built and edited in Notch. In fact the results were released as a real-time standalone executable, just to prove the point… This would be impossible in any other package. Sokia incorporates many of this release’s features such as motion blur, datamosh, pixel sorting and glitch postfx.

Here are all the new nodes in 0.9.19:

We’ve also made significant improvements to the Particle Trail Renderer, Video Blob Tracking node, and added new Lines properties to all the geometry nodes. (More documentation to follow shortly…!)
Don’t forget to grab the updated sample pack here: https://www.notch.one/support/samples/

Now go create something revolutionary!

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Awesome job with this release!

Another change I think should be mentioned is that you can parent multiple nodes to the root at once by selecting them all and dragging the root connection to them.

Hi, guys.

This release is a bomb! Big features, lots of bugs fixed, nicer picture - Matt and his team did an enormous job. I’m taking my hat off!