0.9.16 Release Notes

New in 0.9.16:

  • Volumetric lighting: visible raytraced light beams with shadows, gobos and haze. Example DFX project attached…
  • A major update to audio-reactive functionality. Visualise the modifier’s graphs in the property editor, and select frequency bands with an EQ.
  • Cloud generation and rendering - model volumetric clouds with meshes, primitives and particles as well as fractal noise. Great for cloud flythroughs! Example DFX attached.
  • Datamoshing postFX - keeping up with the current trends
  • On-screen guides - see the little grid icon to the left of the playback toolbar…
  • Text nodes allow the use of clone effectors to effect letters (example DFX attached)
  • Much-improved text kerning
    Plus many UI improvements and performance optimisations.

We’ve also changed our product range. Lite and CG versions of Notch are no longer available for purchase but remain fully supported. We have released the new Personal Learning Edition (PLE): a way to experience and learn Notch and try out its interaction with media servers and VR headsets, with the complete Notch feature set and with a full Notch USB dongle. Notch is more accessible than ever!

Builder Pro, PLE and Trial are all updated: https://www.notch.one/support/downloads_area/