Licensing for event


If I want to use Notch to produce content an event, in this case an Immersive Dome. Would I need to use a Notch Base License to create the setup (or Pro License) then also buy a Playback License for the duration of the installation?


And as a follow up question, if I use Notch to pre-render the content and just supply as a Quicktime/image sequence what sort of license do I need?

For live - You’ll need a Base or Pro license to build your content. Only Pro can export Notch blocks watermark free, so once you’re ready to export, you’ll need to upgrade from Base to Pro if you weren’t on pro already. You’ll need a Playback license if you are rendering content above 3840x2160 - for lower resolutions and you can use your Pro license as a Playback license.

For pre-rendered content, you just need a base license.

– Ryan

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Thank you very much.

Sorry one more thing; do I need the Playback license if I’m making pre-rendered content above 3840x2160? Or does that just apply to the live output?

There’s no limitation to Base video exports. Playback and Pro are only necessary for live interactive content.



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