Pricing for creators that don't perform live

Please consider this for a huge category of artists/creators.

There is simply a huge gap between Learning license and Pro.

If you can put watermarks on everything you can also offer a version that allows for creating/rendering content max 1280x720p

You disable all sdi/ndi/spout.

And you price it so more artists/creators can afford it.

I can guarantee you. You are missing out on a huge amount of potential users.

With my personal background i see Notch is where everything i know comes together.
And i wish i could use it as an artist to create content but 1200 a year is not realistic or possible for most artists.

Thanks for consideration.

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback; we are aware there’s currently a bit of a gap between our Learning license and Pro offering, something we will be addressing in the not-so-distant future.

However, I’d like to point out that for most creatives, Base is probably the right license (not Pro, which, as you correctly state, is intended for people who regularly work in the live industry). Notch grew out of the live industry, and this industry has very high demands of stability, quality and availability of support, which is reflected in our current pricing.

The Learning license is intended for exactly this: learning the tool to get to a point of proficiency, which enables users to get to a point where it is more realistic to get a Base license.

All that said, we will be expanding the range of licenses available soon, which we believe will expand the range of users who can use Notch for their art and their work.