Licensing switching/downgrading

Hi there!
I have a question about licensing.
From the very beginning of using Notch I bought usb-dongle with “learning” license. After some educational period I upgrade my license to BASE, and successfully make I commercial project, so I’am very happy. But now I have no commercial project so I don’t need the BASE license with unlimited resolution etc, and I want as usual working with my scene for educational or testing purposes, but I can’t downgrade to my LEARNING license. Maybe you can recommend for me some of license type witch I can switch from time to time depending of my usage (commersial or personal/educational)?
Cause it’s not entirely fair to pay full price for BASE license just because I can’t use already payed “Learning” license. Maybe there is some solution?


Hi Aleksey!

Thanks for bringing this up. I think many of us will be in a similar situation. With many events being either cancelled or postponed, there is very little commercial work opportunities at the moment. At the same time it is an ideal time to develop and research ideas and widen one’s skillset.

I think especially for members, who have paid for over 12 months of subscriptions, there should be opportunities to have a more longer term licence to continue working with Notch.


Hi Aleksey - there is no “downgrade” from Base to Learning. You can up/downgrade between Base and Pro, because those are subscriptions. However, Learning is a perpetual license. You can cancel your Base license and your license dongle will revert back to Learning automatically.

Anyone who contacts our support team during this difficult time gets individual follow up with different possible solutions offered, including a subscription freeze. We’re also offering completely free Learning licenses to anyone with a CodeMeter dongle, as well as discounted the license+dongle product for anyone who doesn’t.

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Hi and sorry to jump on this old thread (but i didn’t want to start a new one with a similar question):

So my case is the same as aleksey (not many projects / PLE license)… and i’m also thinking about taking a base license and was wondering: If i take the license for 6 months, will i still be able to work / save projects in the Base license even when the 6 months are over ? I mean this would be nice to still be able to prepare projects with base and maybe having a watermark for the time someone has no valid license ? Is this possible or not ?


Hi Steve,

Projects created in Base or Pro can indeed be opened with the Learning (formerly PLE) license, yes. So if you keep a Base license for 6 months and then cancel, you will still be able to access your files.

However, once saved with the Learning license, those files can only be opened by the Learning license. If you then decide to switch to a Base or Pro license in the future, you can have those saved Learning license files converted to work with Base/Pro again. I hope that answers your question :slight_smile: