Bins missing after upgrade

Not sure if this is classed as a proper bug.

I purchased the Base license after about a month using the Learner license, during that time I had built up a fair amount of items in the Bins, and now they’re all missing.

I’ve had my projects upgraded too and that didn’t solve it.

Did lose a good few hours worth of work because of this, where I had being doing some R+D on and saving various setups in a Bin for later use!

Perhaps there’s a way to recover these?

Any help appreciated!

Hey, are the bins still in your documents/notch/notch bins/ directory?

If so, they likely need conversion from PLE to base. Send them over to support, and we can convert them for you.

If not, I’m not sure what has happened there as we don’t remove that directory, even in fresh installs.



Yes they are! Sorry should have checked, forgot there was an actual file associated with each one.

I’ll do that now hope it’s not too inconvenient as my project files already got upgraded.