Bins usage?

How exactly are bins used? I have tried making folders in Notch/Notch Bins. I also tried right clicking in bins and making a new folder there, but then I can’t drag items from the resource browser to it. Does anyone know how to properly use bins because its starting to get pretty messy without them.

Hey, Spencer.
The manual ( says this:
[blockquote]Bins are saved node arrangements that can be saved and opened again for later use in different projects. Bins are saved to a folder specified in the Editor Settings Window. To save a bin, select a group of nodes, right-click and select “Send To Bin”. Alternatively the whole layer can be sent to a bin by right-clicking in the nodegraph and selecting “Send Layer To Bin”.

When a bin is added into the scene, the node arrangement is added under the Group node.[/blockquote]

It seems that bins do just that. What other functionality did you expect?


Oh nice I could not find the manual entry for that until now! Thats actually extremely useful to me.