Simple way to copy or import groups of nodes from one project to another?

Is there any way to do this such as in MaxMSP where you can either copy paste objects/nodes between projects or save a collection of nodes as a custom user node for simple project to project import? Thanks.


Yes there is, you can directly copy nodes from project to project via Edit>Copy to clipboard/paste from clipboard.
Or you can build and use Bins, Bins are a collection of nodes grouped together for later use.
Select several nodes you want to use as a preset press CTRL + G to group them, once that is done right click on the newly available group node, and choose send to Bin, give it a name and hit OK.
Now anytime you need that Bin you can call it out via Bins panel. You can add Bins panel to your UI via View>Bins. So just drag and drop an item from your bin panel to your node graph and you are good to go.
Bins are saved in your documents>Notch>Notch Bins. So you can share your bins via multiple machines or with your colleagues. Just copy and paste them to the same directory in other machines.

Hi there, thanks very much for the help. That’s really good news, I’ll give it a go!!

Is there any way to update these bins as if just saving the project? When I “send to bin” again it just makes a new copy. It’d be great if there was even a way to overwrite a bin with the same file name!