Use of BINs - how to choose Nodes that make them work

Hi, first of all massive kudos to the guys who created this awesome software…love it and only just touched it.

I’m having a look at the BINs now and when I drag them to the node graph it looks like they still need some work as they are hatched out in places. Being a new user I’m a little confused at where to start to get them working - is there a quick tip to help or is it just a case of wait until I become more experienced when it will become clearer which nodes to use?

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When you first add a bin node into the nodegraph, everything will be hashed out because it won’t have a connection to the Root. The top node is called the group node, and if it has children then you’ll need to connect it to the root to activate any of the connected nodes, like with the lighting bins.
This isn’t always necessary though, you can use some of the tools bins and they will have extra connection ports for input/output. Depending on the bin, these will take the properties of an input node and output something you can use elsewhere.
e.g, The calculate aspect ratio bin would take an image as a connection to it’s left input, then outputs the aspect ratio of that image as a number.

If there is a specific bin thats confusing you, I’d be happy to explain it.

Bins are getting a rework for the next release, so I wouldn’t get too attached to them right now - but they do serve a use case.

– Ryan

Thank Ryan

That’s made things clearer…im pretty certain as you go along the Notch journey things eventually will just click into place but it’s feels like a really fulfilling trip. Excellent work. Thanks.

If I get stuck I’ll holler.


Gavin Borthwick

Projection Mapping Specialist

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