Pricing for motion graphics --> video

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Really sorry if this has been covered a thousand times or is not the right place to ask, but I’ve only just heard of Notch. It looks fascinating. As an AE user, I’m really only interesting in generating video content from Notch, not using it as a real-time engine.

Currently the pricing is £59 for a basic version - will this allow me to output video? Because the only other pricing option seems to be a minimum 6 month commitment for nearly £600, which is just way beyond what I can afford. Thanks in advance.

Hello BNoakes,

Here is a link to the comparison chart -
I think you are looking at Builder Learning edition it is perpetual, it is made exactly for that, learning, so it does contain video export option but it is limited in size and has a watermark, for professional use you would need to hop in for Base subscription, and that one does have minimum 6 months of commitment time.


Many thanks.

I realise Notch is capable of much more than just delivering video. But it would be nice to see a price tier that reflected something more realistic for AE / C4D users looking to add something to their creative arsenal. Anyway. Thanks again.

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If you are only looking to use Notch for AE style video and not any of the real-time 3D or advanced rendering features that are a big part of what makes Notch what it is, I can see that. I hope you’ll be in a position to dive into those things in the future, as we haven’t wanted to divide up features in different “editions” and further limit the potential of Notch overall to cater to specific use-cases only. It would make it a lot harder to maintain and develop, and of course make the product less desirable overall as a graphics creative toolbox that can be expanded or contracted to just what you need in different circumstances. I hope that makes sense.