Best program ever!

omg i cannot belive that i found this software!! i feel so lucky right now! ! and the most vieved video is like <20.000 vievs on youtube chanel oficial from notch!! its like a secret weapon! notch vfx is gonna help artist create so many cool things!!!

i feel like this is like the first jam-able 3d graphics software that i have found, where you can litterally “play” it, and like it doesnt feel like you are just a part of a massive corporate pipeline and the software you are using is good at 1 thing, it feels like u are creating the whole package!! and the timeline is so amazing too!

so you can kinda jam and be precise at the same time!! its like ABLETON LIVE for 3d graphics!! thank you for developing this! this is genious design on so many levels! the way you can solo keyframes like a music mixer and the way you can only do horisontal edits of keyframes in one tab and only do vertical edits in the other!! so art!! omg!!! and the way you made it possible to like jam with both the order of the nodes and what nodes!! like in max or pd or any other node based jam platforms you stop the whole flow of data by breaking / adding / deleting a node so it like stops the whole jam you are doing! where in notch you can just add and shift on top of a flow and then omg omg omg the design is just sooo genious on so many levels!!

i just wanna thank you soo much!! this is the graphics software of my dreams!!! i just bought the learning version because i cannot afford the other versions like monthly ever :slight_smile: but i just wanna say that i apreciate you genious amazing designed software made for artists!! this software will not create jobs, this software will create artists!!! thank youuuuuuu!!! and i will show the watermark of my version with honor!!! wuhuuuuu!!!


Great to hear that you really like our software :grin:, we’re really looking forward to seeing what you can do with it in the Notch usergroup - Notch User Group


Notch team