Any suggestions for a beginner?

I was a beginner who just heard about this software, would like to ask how quickly get started this software.
Thank you

Hey There,

Welcome! I strongly recommend you go through Notch Academy to get the basics of the layout and simple systems, and then look at some of our other short video tutorials we have available. These should give you a reasonable foundation from which you can build.

We also have an awesome community on the Notch Facebook Usergroup ( ), and they will be happy to help you out whenever they can.

After that, it will come down to your own experimentation.



HI Ryan,

Thanks for answering my question.

I am a Chinese, English is poor, I will continue to study notch builder, if not wait to continue to ask you.

I have added facebook group now.




It is suggested to follow short introduction videos.

It seems that for example Video VHS Effect is outdated as blur node (or post-fx nodes in general) works differently in chaining (impossible to add blur “between” video source and Image 2D nodes as in tut).

For example see attached screenshot. One video input. Two Image 2D nodes scaled and positioned side by side in viewport. Distortion added to one Image 2D, but both are distorted. Thus totally different behaviour than in tut both for node connection buildup as well as actual output (I expect distortion to be applied only to one of Image 2Ds).


Hey There,

Some parts are a little off - many of the nodes have changed in shape, but most of the details are actually correct so it remains up. That blur node has actually been removed though, so I’ll keep this in mind for updating.

As for the RGB distortion applying to everything, that has always been the case. The Image 2D node doesn’t contain a copy of the video image, it just provides a way to view the image in the viewport. Any post-fx is therefore applied to the scene, not just a single video. You would want to use a video null in between, and apply the blur there instead.



It would be in your own interest that introductionary materials are up to date as at least for me basic RTFM quality (avoiding any frustration and extra time questioning stuff in forums in the very beginning) strongly affects opinion on tools maturity when evaluating it. Second aspect is community, although it seems to be small + for the fast answer, thanks. :wink: Adding null solves it. Any other changes that one should be aware of that affect any of the introductionary videos? Thanks again!