Trouble getting started with learning the trial

Hi guys! Can you give me some advice, how to get started studying notch? I’m trying to look at the video tutorials ( 001 : Basic Video Processing), but already the first seconds of the first video are differing from that how notch is acting in my machine - when I create a new scene, it automatically makes a root node. In the video the nodegraph is initially empty.

Going further, when I import a video file (exported with notchLC) and drag and drop it to the nodegraph, it does not connect with the root node, cannot be connected manually and is covered with diagonal stripes… Kinda lost here, can someone please help?

kind regards

Hi there,

Welcome to Notch.

Those academy videos are a little outdated now but we do plan on updating them in the future. The general concepts are the same, but some nodes may be named slightly differently etc.

In the newer version of Notch, you’ll need to also add an Image 2D node into the graph (using the node search box to the right of the screen to find it) then connect it like in the screenshot below:


If you hit Play (Spacebar) then the video should appear in the render window.

It’s also worth pointing out that we have a number of tutorials on our Youtube channel too:

And our Facebook Usergroup is an excellent learning resource too:

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


Great, thanks for the help! I will try this!