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i was using the trial copy of notch and have just upgraded to the 64 bit ple version. after the purchase and upgrade, i am not able to load nay video files. am i missing some thing ?

You’re probably using video files that are not compatible with the 64-bit version. Read more here:

Bumping this.
I read the article, but I can’t make any import at all work, every single one fails to load, even Animation and Photo JPEG mentioned in the article.

I have Adobe CC from 2017-2019 installed, newest Resolume Arena + DXV3 and Alley, and also did a fresh install of the QT pack (not the player).
I managed to do Cineform export from Notch, but no imports. Anything else I need?

I also see that dxv vids are imported in the Academy series, isn’t it supported in the 64 bit version?

Edit : I mainly use Adobe Media Encoder for my conversions.

Edit 2 : Is there any user friendly way to convert stuff to NotchLC? Most of my cameras output H265, and I’d really like to use that footage between Notch and AE/PP without too much hassle (Cineform is my go-to mezzanine codec pr now).

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Hi @monomagnus - let’s see if we can’t get you on the NotchLC Adobe Media Encoder beta trial pretty soon.

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That’d be great! Looking forward to it.

I have the same problem. is there any way to get it work?

If I might make a suggestion just to make it a little easier on the first day of learning for us n00bs - if you guys could supply an assets pack that can be used to work along with the Academy videos.

At this point, the sections on video processing is a pretty large percentage of the library, and having so much difficulty getting any kind of video to work so that we can do the first two parts of the tutorials is discouraging.

I’m not suggesting the same video, I can see where Shutterstock might not want you spreading their videos, but it doesn’t matter WHAT the video actually is (withing reason, of coz).

Hi there,

We’ve actually improved video import a lot in the upcoming release of Notch (0.9.22). Matt mentions it in the Notchcon Keynote here:

Stay tuned.


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It took a little longer than expected, but NotchLC is available now: