Top 3 NotchLC bugs

Right now, we’re experiencing a few troublesome NotchLC encoder bugs:

  1. Premiere decoding isn’t working properly - it loops the first couple seconds of the encode. In order to properly watch our encodings, we need to look at it with Quicktime 7.

  2. We need to encode 5384 x 3448 video, but it’s getting clamped to 1920 x 1080.

  3. When trying to bring up the export settings, the window pops up and then immediately crashes over and over.

Using an RTX 2070 and the 431.86 nvidia studio drivers. Premiere version 13.1.2 (build 9).

Thanks for reading : )

Edit: For #2 and #3, I’ve found that if I export a single video directly from premiere it doesn’t do this, so it may be a media encoder problem.

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