30 day license - send watermarked exe?


I’m using Notch with a 30 day Builder Pro license for a one-off project. I now need to send a watermarked exe so we can try it out on the actual system. But the exes I export cant run without a license.

I would’ve thought that I can export watermarked exes from Builder Pro.

How would we solve this? The system is 500 km away from me so I cant really just go there and plug my dongle in?

Cheers /Richard

All versions of Notch, Base, Pro, Standalone and Blocks need a dongle plugged in to open. They will need to order a dongle to be able to check the standalone

Regardless of a watermarked status or not, a Playback license is always required to play back standalone executables (and Blocks) exported from Notch. Standalone | Notch Manual 0.9.23

To play back exported material without a watermark, a Builder Pro or a separate Playback license is required on a dongle. To play back exported material with a watermark, a Builder Learning license will suffice.

The installation site will need a Playback license for the actual deployment anyway, so your choice is between getting one of the longer term ones, or picking up a Weekly leasing. When purchasing weekly leasing Playback, you’ll be given the option to order with a dongle. If they have a compatible CodeMeter dongle on site, they can order just the software activated license. If the install/show is a longer way out and you only need the watermarked output, they can order a Learning license which is a perpetual license (but with watermaked outputs, as mentioned)