License question

Sorry if I ask this question again, but I’m a bit confused about licenses and watermarks.

To be simple …

1- If I get a BASE license, will I get a watermark in the full screen viewport (F10) inside the builder?

2- If I build a patch with the BASE license, will I be able to export it as a SERVER BLOCK and play it within TOUCHDESIGNER with an extra PLAYBACK license?

That’s it! Hope it makes sense …

I’ve been reading different post inside the forum and I think the answer for question 1 is YES. The second question still seems to be confusing …

You wont get a watermark in the fullscreen viewport in base :slight_smile:

I use three monitors when I work and one of them for full screen viewport.

The server block might be watermarked though if you dont have the pro version

@torbjornfernstrom is correct - You will not get a fullscreen watermark in base.

A block exported with base will have a watermark, you need to have a pro license to export unwatermarked blocks. Pro licenses can be used as playback licenses up to 4k, and you can upgrade and downgrade from base to pro temporarily, just for the time need to export the block and use the license.

– Ryan

I’ve already tested that as yesterday I upgraded from learning to Base.

Thanks a lot @torbjornfernstrom and @ryan.notch !