Render que please?

Would love a render queue will this come?
or perhaps there is a way I’m not knowing?


Hi there,

There’s a render queue dialog available via the View->Render Queue menu item. An associated manual page can be found here:


Hey Toke!

As Thomas mentioned, Notch does have a Render Que.
Check out a free Notch Essential course, it should give you a solid knowledge about all the ins and outs of Notch.


Thanks, yeah been rendering out a lot of things the last months but wish I could put over a stack of renders for the night, like deadline?

Hi Toke,

It is possible to kick off renders automatically using our command line syntax. Please refer to the bottom half of Exporting Video - Notch Reference Manual - 0.9.23 for more information. Let us know if you have any more questions.


Had no idea about the command line options for * -renderqueue, Will this speed up render times as the main application/preview doesn’t need to be displayed?


There would probably be a negligible improvement in performance due to the fact there is no UI to render and update but by no means is it going to reduce the render time dramatically.

The beauty of this feature is that you can queue up a number of exports to run overnight without requiring user input. If you’re calling NotchApp.exe in a batch file, then be sure to prefix the command with “start /wait” to ensure only one instance of Notch is running at once.