Render variation automation?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if such thing were possible with notch?
Simply put, I have an excel sheet with numbers, I want to load one number at a time and render my composition.
and do so for all the numbers of my sheet.

Is there a way to procedurally do the renders? (loading the next value, changing the name of the file and rendering it)
If there is a way, what should i look for?


Sadly this kind of control isn’t easily possible.

Assuming you need to render still images, set up a render and set the index value of an imported csv to increase at a value of 1 per frame (easiest done with a continuous modifier with a value equal to the export FPS). This means that it will step though every value in the CSV per frame so you just need to hook that output to the appropriate properties in the Nodegraph.

If your looking for video, it’s a bit more of a manual process. You would need to have a separate application export a video from Notch using the command line, send the csv entry data into Notch via OSC (or any other external input), connect that to the relevant properties, render the scene at the desired location with %VERSION% in the name (to prevent duplicates), and repeat until every value has been evaluated.

This would be a lot more work, but if you do want to go down that path there is a talk that covers the part of getting data into notch really well.

– Ryan

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Hello Ryan,
Thank you for the video it does help!

My objective is to export about 150 videos of the same file with variations.
A simple python or batch script will allow me to modify a text file or pass an index to look into the CSV, loading the correct value.
My render queue is already set so using the command line -renderqueue and the filenames macro ( that i missed in the manual) does the trick.

Thanks a lot!


Did you get this figured out? If so I may have a custom project for you to work on along the same lines if you’d be open to something like that.

The project where I am planning to do that, is starting soon.
i have a good idea on how I will proceed though.

I’ll be happy to collaborate, you can find my contact through my profile ( not sure I am allowed to give it here).