Scripting API - Saving Documents

Hi there. I’m trying to create some scripting tools for the team at my studio. I’m looking for info on the API on how to script saving/opening Notch scenes through scripting. But I don’t find much documentation for the Notch API in this regard.
Has anyone tried this/seen that info?
I know in this document it list a document object, I would assume there would be something in there but there’s not a whole lot of info there.

I’m pretty fluent with creating these types of things in the adobe products, so I was looking for something to that, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

Hi there,

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The Javascript API we offer is there to allow users to programmatically manipulate the nodes in their scene - it’s not used to script the Notch Builder application.

We do have some support for exporting a render queue / video via command line parameters, which is mentioned at the bottom of

We are planning on improving our command line support so I’d like to understand what kind of functionality you’re after. Do you have any examples of what you’re trying to achieve?

It’s also worth pointing out that the link you sent is actually for an older version of our manual. Our current build is 0.9.23 so you need to be looking at


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Thanks for all that info!

Right so the types of things I’m looking to build are tools for our team that will facilitate some non-creative tasks, mostly file management/organization/naming conventions.

For example in AE we tools that will save the artist’s work to the correct space on our server with correct naming conventions auto-determined from a selected “Task” we assigned them. (each task determines where and how a file is saved/name.

We also have to tools do determine the output folder’s and names of render’s they do based on these “Tasks”. But all of these tools rely on AE’s api that gives access to save/open commands as well ability to script custom UI windows.

I can be more specific in those regards if you need, bust as an example here’s the AE Scripting Guide I usually refer to (under the General/Project Items I have access to file objects, import and save functions etc…).

I think the command line rendering options you referred me to may help a little on the one end of things for setting up renders to proper folders (because we also are using Notch for pre-renders, not just real-time) so thanks for that.

Also I see in that new document more functions available for interreacting with the scene, great! Thanks for advising me on the new document. I think what’s missing for me are the options I mentioned above about file open/save imports etc…)