Hardware/License setup

Hello Notchers

We currently have a project where we would like to use Notch as part of the implementation, being this is our first approach with Notch in a production environment we have some doubts about the hardware and licenses needed to carry it out.

Briefly… There is a tracking system (camera-based, using Zed Cameras) that tracks people and streams the information via OSC to the Rendering machine. PC exclusive for this.

The output is a screen with a total resolution of 7680 × 4320 and is composed of two 4k signals (basically two 4k screens side by side). The content on that screen will be generated by Notch.

Considering the resolution, is there any way to run the project from a packaged standalone (.exe)? Or must it necessarily run as a block for a media server? We plan to use Touchdesigner to control some logic inside the Notch scene.

Can a single pc run a scene like the one in the attached video at that resolution?

I hope the information provided is sufficient to describe what we are looking to do using Notch.

Than you.