Outputing preview to a second monitor

Hello everyone.
I am pretty new to Notch , so my questions might seem silly, but here it goes.
I am looking for a way to preview my project on a second monitor while working on it.

I understand that Notch is aimed at mostly outputing blocks or exe for media servers which is great for big productions, and also while searching for an answer to my question I came accross a few tutorials about simple setups using Magwell capture cards and a second machine for Resolume for outputing the Notch feed to a screen (thus using notch as standolne instead of a media server).
I understand that using Notch as standalone is not great in a real production environment, but for prototyping it would be cool if i could work with the interface on one screen and have a preview of the output on a second without the use of resolume and Magwell Capture Cards.
Is there a way to do that?

Best reagrds.

F10 or View → Fullscreen Render Window


This is one of my favourite “shortcut” features of Notch. I’m rather surprised that given all of the UI buttons present in the main interface, these aren’t among them.